Brazilian Embroidery Tutorial 101


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Step 1 
What is Brazilian Embroidery? 

Step 2  
Brazilian Embroidery Beginner Supplies 

Step 3 
All About Needles

Step 4 
General Helpful Hints + answers to questions

Step 5 
Opening a Skein - Organizing your threads

Step 6 
Where to knot your thread

Step 7 
Fabric - What is best for BE

Step 8 
The Design - What gets stitched first

Step 9
 The Hoop and taking care of the fabric

Step 10  
How to stitch Stems
Fine Growth/Couching Stitch

Step 11  Let's Stitch Leaves  
Alternating Satin Stitch
Rose leaves 
Blanket stitched leaves

Step 12 Field Flowers
French Knots
Pistil Stitches/Long French knots
Bullion Tipped Pistil Stitches

Step 13      Satin Stitching
Chain Stitches
Back Stitches

Step 14   Blanket Stitch
Turkey Stitch
Colonial knots

Step 15  Lazy Daisy Stitches, 
Lazy Daisy Fern Leaves, 
Bullion Tipped Lazy Daisy, 
Outline Stitch 

Step 16 The Bullion
Helpful Hints for your bullions
The bullion and the left hander
Personal Stitch Technique PST

Step 17 
Coral Knot
Running Bullion 
Palestrina Knot
Long and Short Stitches 

Step 18
The Cast-On Stitch
The Dump Method
The Cast-On Loop Method
Your Personal Stitch Technique  PST Again

Step 19
The Drizzle Stitch

Step 20
Detached Buttonhole

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